Cabinet Hinges for all Applications

Replacing doors in an existing kitchen as a means of rejuvenating a kitchen can be very simple. Measure up the doors and choose the style and colour you like. However, using new doors and new concealed hinges on old timber framed cabinets can prove to be difficult.


Following is a list of the variety of hinges available and their uses:

1.Full Overlay Concealed Hinge


  • door covers the carcass side 16-18mm.
  • Opens 95 – 110 degrees.
  • Spring loaded for positive closing.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

2.Half Overlay Concealed Hinge


  • The door covers half the carcass side with an 8 – 10mm overlay.
  • Opens 95 – 100 degrees.
  • Spring loaded for positive closing.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

3.Inset Door – Concealed Hinge


  • The door sits within the side panel of the carcass, thus exposing the edge of the cabinet with no overlay.
  • Opens 95 -110 degrees.
  • Spring loaded for positive closing.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

4.Post Mounted Concealed Hinge


  • Used when the door is mounted on a fixed panel in line with the door.
  • No carcass is needed to mount the hinge.
  • Opens 95 degrees
  • Spring loaded for positive closing.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

5.45 Degree Concealed Hinge


  • Used when a 45 degree angle door is to be mounted to a carcass side with an internal angle of 135 degrees.
  • Opens 95 degrees from mounted position.
  • Spring loaded for positive closing.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

6.170 Degree Swing Concealed Hinge


  • Used for corner bifold door in conjunction with a piano hinge on the second door. 
  • Also used for wardrobe doors when the doors are to be swung parallel to the cupboard.
  • Available in full overlay, however, can be used as half overlay by using a thicker mounting plate.
  • Not usually sprung, so a magnetic or roller catch is used to hold the door in a closed position.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

7.Acute angle mounted hinge

  • Used when the closed hinge angle is between 45 – 90 degrees e.g. corner vanity cupboards.
  • Swings out by 170 degrees.
  • Relatively expensive hinge.
  • Drilling – 35mm hole.

8.Swing Up Hinge

  • Used for overhead cupboards.
  • Mounted on carcass sides. One hinge is spring loaded to counter balance the weight of the door. Different spring strengths are available for heavier doors.
  • No drilling is required.

9.Flipper Door Hinge

  • Used for slide away doors as in television, liquor, laundry or microwave cabinets.
  • An inset door hinge, which when opens, slides back into the cabinet. The hinge is fitted to the end of a specialised runner.
  • Spring loaded for positive closing.
  • Drilling – 35 mm hole.

10.Flap Hinge

  • Used when door opens in line with the side or bottom of the cabinet e.g. liquor, sewing, cabinets.
  • Used in conjunction with a flap stay to support the door in an open position. Can also be used in top cabinets for a flip up door.
  • Not spring loaded.
  • Drilling – 25 – 35mm – semicircular hole on the door and carcass.

11.Full Overlay Easy On Hinge

  • Used for doors that do not require a drilling hole.
  • One sprung hinge for positive closing.
  • No adjustment.
  • Hinge types 1 – 7 need a 75mm stile clearance to mount the hinge plate. To overcome a narrow stile situation, add a 75mm stile to an existing frame. All the concealed hinges can be used in conjunction with varying thickness mounting plates of between 0 – 8mm to achieve varying overlays of the carcass side.
  • Adjustment on the better quality hinges is in three directions, activated by adjusting screws on the hinge giving between 0 – 5mm adjustment. The vertical movement is achieved through oval holes in the mounting plate.
  • The mounting of the hinge plates to the carcass side is done by measurement or can be made easier by using a Smartpack drilling jig. This jig has been specifically made for the hinge holes drilled at 100mm centre from the edge of the door. The drilling of the 35mm hole in the door for the hinge is made with a 35mm end mill (a drill bit which drills a flat bottom hole). A drill press is required for the best results. Instructions for drilling are usually supplied with the hinges.

All these hinges are stocked in Blum and Hettich versions at Builders Bargain Centre 

or on the Smartpack online store 


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