HI-MACS – Solid surface-step ahead of Stone


Splashback to 60mm edge on the benchtop seamlessly.

HI-MACS solid surface is developed by LG Hauys, is a world leader in manufacturing technology, made for seamless installation. HI-MACS is different from traditional decorative surfacing products, as it is non-porous and easy to clean, impact resistant and repairable.

This makes HI-MACS the perfect choice for:

• Kitchen benchtops and splashbacks

• Vanity tops

• Integrated sinks, baths and shower units

• Interior wall cladding

• Commercial food preparation areas

• Retail/ Reception counter tops

• Laboratory benchtops

Extend the life of your benchtop

Commercial developers, designers, builders and renovators alike are upgrading to HI-MACS. Unlike laminate and stone and granite the advanced acrylic resin technology used in the manufacturing process of HI-MACS allows for the product to be repaired if it is scratched or chipped.



Integrated sink and draining board incorporated seamlessly in the solid surface top

Design freedom

The unique seamless invisible joining system of HI-MACS gives you total design freedom. HI-MACS offer the beauty and elegance of stone surfaces without the disadvantages such as porosity or lack of flexibility.

HI-MACS can be cut into any shape and it can be manufactured to achieve the sharpest lines or the softest curves. It offers infinite possibilities with a wide variety of the edge treatments and inlays sink mounting options, invisible joins and coved splashbacks that eliminate water penetration.


Easy to clean

Unlike other surfaces HI-MACS does not absorb spillages or food odours that may occur during daily use, leaving surfaces hygienically clean for the life of the benchtop. It can be cleaned simply with warm water and a non-abrasive household cleaner. HI-MACS is so hygienic that it is officially certified as being suitable for contact with food.*


*HI-MACS is recognised by NSF International as complying with ANSI/NSF51 and is LGA 5631227 hygiene tested.


HI-MACS – a step ahead of Stone.



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  1. Sandra McLay says:

    Please give me more information on seamless integrated sinks and benchtops

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