Soft Closing Mechanisms for Cabinet Doors and drawers.

The latest technology from Blum and Hettich has been the introduction of soft closing doors and self closing drawers. Up to now the drawer runners have been made so that the last 50mm of a drawer is pulled in by its own weight. Either that or a smart push will cause the well recognised “bang” against the carcase which will eventually dislodge the drawer front or the hinge plate. Not to mention the rude shock when you are trying to be quiet or recovering from the night before. So the ingenious design of the shock absorber soft closer was introduced for doors. They can be fitted by either drilling a hole in the edge of the cabinet or the easier option is to buy the hinge clip holder. The shock absorber can be adjusted to suit the weight of the door. This means that the soft closers can be retro fitted on any door with Hettich or Blum hinges. Both these manufacturers have introduced their own soft closing mechanisms. A soft closer costs around $16 each. 


One can also use these on the self closing drawers but the shock absorber tube needs to be drilled into the carcase edge for each drawer. This is a little more tricky than fitting the hinge attachment but not impossible with the correct drill bit and steady hand. 


The real bells and whistles  mechanism  which is a self closing and soft closing spring system is now incorporated into the Blum Tandembox drawer or the Innotech drawer by Hettich . It cannot be used for any other drawer system as it has incorporated it into the drawer side. A fantastic mechanism which costs about 2-3 times the normal Metabox or Multitech drawer range. A white drawer costs about $120 per Tandembox or Innotech drawer. So if you have 10 drawers in the kitchen that is going to add about $1200 to your average kitchen cost. These options are all available in the versatile Smartpack system from your distributor or you can order them on the online store at . Also available through our distributor Builders Bargain Centre .Well done Blum and Hettich!!! SmartpackCreativ the new premium product from Smartpack has the softclose Innotech drawers as standard.

Tekform has brought out a mechanism that can be retro fitted to metabox or innotech or similar steel sided drawers. These also cost around $15 each and one needs to fit only one per drawer for drawer sizes less than 900mm which need two.  All these products can be purchased on the smartpack online store.



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