Wear Resistant Laminate used in the standard range benchtops

Laminates are not all scuff resistant and environmentally preferable laminate.

This is why Smartpack has chosen a laminate with double the wear resistance performance for the standard range benchtops.


Rolled edge Benchtop end with self edge

Introduced more than two decades ago, ARP is one of the most significant improvements in the performance of high pressure decorative laminates.  The armored protection surface is engineered using aluminium oxide particles blended with clear resins.  Together they form a protective layer that allows objects to slide over the laminate surface as if they were on ball bearings.

Unlike other laminates using overlays that cloud the design, ARP’s patented process always allows the subtlety and depth of the decorative paper to show through.  This dramatic clarity isn’t compromised by the surface protection during the serviceable life of the laminate.
Why Aluminum Oxide?
Aluminum oxide is harder than common everyday objects, protecting laminates against the wear caused when those objects slide across the surface.  Yet, aluminium oxide is softer than silicon carbide or diamond which are commonly used in making cutting tools and blades.

Armored Protection keeps laminates looking new longer in the following ways:

It protects the laminate’s color by reducing surface wear caused by common abrasive substances such as sand (silica) particles present in dirt, dust, paper bags an

d boxes.  Standard industry wear  resistance tests (NEMA LD3) show armored protection outlasts conventional laminates.

It reduces gloss change (dulling and buffing).



Knoop Hardness Value



Silicone Carbide


Aluminium Oxide


Steel Can


Silica /Quartz




Iron Can


Aluminium Can



Nevamar 900mm wide island benchtop with inset sink

Armored Protection gives Nevamar laminates more than twice the wear protection than  standard laminates.( ANSI/NEMA LD3 test method)

Added protection during fabrication and installation.

Thanks to their superior abrasion and scuff resistance, Nevamar Armored Protection laminates go through fabrication shops with less damage and waste. Expensive furniture and fixtures are also less likely to be damaged in transit. You save time and money while maintaining high finished quality.  And, when you’re done, you can be confident your designs will retain their beauty for a long time to come.  Armored Protection also beautifies as it protects. It actually enhances the clarity of the laminate design, providing a cleaner, truer look and appearance when compared to other laminates.

Only Nevamar offers Armored Protection surface.

Armored Protection laminates are a prime example of Nevamar’s commitment to high quality products.  Nevamar pioneered the technology, patented it and improved it over the years. Today, Armored Protection gives Nevamar laminate more than twice the wear protection than standard laminate (ANSI/NEMA LD3 test method).

Everyday, Nevamar with ARP, proves its toughness in hospitals, hotel and restaurants, airports, retail shops and other commercial environments.  This rugged performance and long lasting style also makes it a great choice for residential installations.

It is for this reason Smartpack is now offering Nevamar laminates as the standard range for benchtops with a tight 8mm radius top and bottom for a squarer look.

A note on scratches

Many marks often perceived as “scratches” are actually scuffs. Armored Protection laminates are highly resistant to scuff damage. A true scratch, however, involves actual removal of material from the laminate surface, and typically caused by a hard, sharp object, such as a knife or razor blade.

Armored Protection laminate is not more resistant to this type of abuse than conventional laminates. The effect would be the same on both types of laminates. (It is  also important to note that on any laminate, medium to dark colours tend to highlight scratches more than lighter colours)

Environmentally friendly

  • Water saving

Non contact cooling water is used during the manufacturing process. Nevamar employs a closed loop system to recycle 60-95% of cooling water depending on ambient temperatures.

  • Sustainable Resources

All decorative papers used in the laminate production process contain a portion of recycled content.

  • Green Guard Certification

The Green Guard Environmental Institute is an independent non-for-profit organization that overseas the Green Guard certification program. Nevamar laminates have been scientifically tested to earn Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certification for low emitting products.

  • Ecospecifier

This product has been independently assessed by Ecospecifier and included on their list of environmentally preferable materials and products. In addition, Ecospecifier has determined that this product may contribute to Green Star credit points. Visit www.ecospecifier.org for further information.



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