Australian Embassy Refurbishment Project

Smartpack is very proud to share these pictures of the project we have nearly completed for the Australian government. The Australian Embassy in Tokyo has ungone a refurbishment as it is now about 20 years old. Smartpack won the tender to supply all the joinery for the new fit out for the bathrooms cabinets, kitchens ,wardrobes and laundries. Well done the Australian government for supporting an Australian based manufacturing company.

Manufacturing was done In Sydney and shipped to Tokyo in flatpack format, with stone tops, to the embassy in Tokyo where the Japanese contractor Hazama company has very competently installed all the joinery. 30 of the 43 apartments have now been occupied. The Embassy staff and the Department of Foreign Affairs project manager have been extremely satisfied with the finish and quality of our work. 

The apartment kitchens, laundries and bathroom cabinets are finished in White polyurethane satin finish and the wardrobes are in white melamine finish with painted sliding doors.  The accessories were supplied by Smartpack but all appliances were sourced in Japan. We have included some shots for your perusal here of some of the typical rooms.












About Smartpackkit

The new and cost effective way to order custom joinery in flatpack for kitchens, wardrobes, laundries, home office, entertainment and storage solutions.
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