Acrylic benchtop now taking on stone in price and advantages


Hanex Acrylic freeform material is now being supplied in finished format at prices that are competitive to installed stone like Caesar stone and Quantum Quartz. Seamless joins, thick edges up to 100mm , inbuilt sinks and draining boards and seamless splashbacks are all possible with this material.

The advantages of Hanex are laid out here for your information. Stone is a great product too and this article is to inform you of other cost effective alternatives.


100% Non-porous

Scratch and stain resistant

Resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria

Highly durable – stronger than stone

Easy to maintain

Renewable and repairable

10 year warranty

seamless constuction including moulded splashback, draining boards routered into the top and seamlessly undermounted sinks.Moulded in sinks are only available in white but are still seamless.

Installation of the benchtop can be idone at

the same time as the rest of the kitchen. Meaning a quick, stress free

experience for your customers who will not have to wait for a stone

mason to come in, measure up, go away and make a template, make the

benchtop then return to install it. 


Please call 02-95163222 for enquiries regarding acrylic tops or email 

or view the product brochures on our website for the properties and colour availabilities.




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One Response to Acrylic benchtop now taking on stone in price and advantages

  1. Mike says:

    <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Re: [] Comment on &quot;Acrylic benchtop now taking on stone in price and advantages&quot;</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <FONT FACE="Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial"><SPAN STYLE=’font-size:11pt’>No Sorry Adam, we do not sell or have any info on the DuPont product. I believe the patent on the Corian product has expired and that is why there are now more acrylic solid surface products on the market. The Hanex and the Hi-Macs products look and feel the same as Corian.<BR> <BR> <BR></SPAN></BODY></HTML>

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