New Push-to-open drawers

Newly launched Innotech Push to Open – and winner of the 2011 designEx New Bathroom Product of the Year – is the latest addition to Hettich’s renowned Innotech range featuring manual push to open technology and eliminating handles, for a sleek minimalist look. Great for bathrooms and entertainment units as well as kitchens.


One should note that soft close drawers are not available with soft close feature. The reason for this is that the two mechanisms have opposing springs and therefore do not operate together. The only option is to use the electronic push to open which has a small motor pushing out the drawer and then the soft close mechanism operates effectively on the drawer close. The downside of this perfect solution is the price tag of the electronic mechanism. It adds about $1200 for up to 4 drawer banks next to one another.

Innotech Push to Open also features Hettich’s unique high quality Quadro drawer runnner technology, ensuring drawers run smoothly for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Push to Open drawers can be opened easily with a light touch regardless of how heavy the contents.

Hettich’s newest Push to Open range is manual, with a compact system that is easily fitted to new or existing cabinetry. This complements the Hettich Easys electronic option that has proved to be very popular in situations where hands are full or dirty.

Innotech Push to Open drawers come in a variety of widths ranging from 300mm to 800mm and are finished in silver or white. The antistatic surface ensures drawers are easy to clean and integrate stylishly and seamlessly into any design.


Hettich is a family-owned German company with a 100 year old heritage of offering a wide range of customisable furniture hardware. In addition to providing an impressive product range, Hettich offers customers a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty on their key products.






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  1. Argus Tuft says:

    "One should note that soft close drawers are not available with soft close feature".I must be really dumb!!!!

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