Designer Gloss with chip resistant edge is the new rage!


There are always new products on the market for decorative surfaces both domestic and commercial including custom kitchen renovations. Gloss products other than the traditional gloss polyurethane have been making a comeback and we are featuring on the Smartpack blog a new acrylic finshed board product. The gloss level is so high it seems as if it is poured onto the board and being a board product, it is easily cut to size and edged for a modern kitchen design
The new high gloss acrylic board called “Designer Gloss” by Gunnersens is being used to make doors with a 1mm matching or 2mm silver chip resistant CAD edge. 
The flatness of the surface of the moisture resistant E0 MDF board gives the gloss a mirror finish appearance. The Environmental rating of E0 means that there is a minimal emmission of formaldahyde from the board (the best environmental rating).
The 1mm Chip resistant edge in matching colour gives an appearance of a high gloss door in polyurethane and at a lower price. The finish coating gives an even depth and richness to the colour, is durable, easy to clean and scuff resistant, and comes with a 10 year warranty.  Doors and panels and full cabinets can be made from the material, including wardrobe doors and decorative bar back panels and entertainment units.
A great range of 12 colours including some woodgrains and a metallic pearl.
Smartpack is offering 4 of these colours at a special price as part of the slab door range including White, Pearl, Wine and Ivory. 
Here is brief summary of the advantages of the Designer Gloss doors.
  Available in 12 versatile colours with a high gloss finish.

·         Size – 2400 x 1200mm (Nominal) and cut to size for wardrobe, entertainment and kitchen cabinet doors and panels.

·         Thickness – 18mm

·         Substrate – EO MR MDF

·         For use in both residential and commercial applications – for interior use only

·         Easy to clean & durable

·         Cost effective

·         Matching 1mm chip resistant abs edging or a 2 part  silver/matching 2mm edge 

·         Greater even depth in colour

·         10 year warranty

Please ask at one of our distributors to view a sample.



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One Response to Designer Gloss with chip resistant edge is the new rage!

  1. Its gloss becomes dull if lemon juice spread on it. I will bookmark it keep posting.

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