New Side opening oven from IAG

Somebody has been thinking! IAG supplied by Home Appliance Group ( the third largest appliance company in Australia) has introduced an oven with a side opening door. The door can be easily swapped from left to right opening with the door kit supplied with each oven. The triple glazed door and the controls are cooled by a linear fan which keeps the door cool to touch even when cooking at 200 degrees.

The great advantage for people who have trouble leaning over to lift a dish out of the oven or have back problems, can now get closer to the oven. The oven can now match the microwave in look with the side opening door. and can be installed at benchtop level or as an underbench oven. This 60L electric oven has 9 functions including telescopic adjustable pullout racks and a finger mark resistant stainless steel.

The multi function features of this Italian well priced oven please go to our appliance recommendation by clicking this link.


For your information, here are some of the other features about this innovative oven which you can purchase from Smartpack Creativ


  • Sleek Appearance with “Push Push” knobs
  • LED Display
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Full inner glass panel with removable door for easy clearing
  • Electronic Programmer
    • Programmable start cooking time
    • Programmable Finish cooking time
  • Child Lock for safety
  • Easy Clean Enamel, clean with warm water and soap with a clean cloth no hash chemicals


  • 2 x wire shelves with stoppers and rear safety bar
  • 1 x 40 mm Deep Grill Pan/Baking Tray
  • 1 x High Grill Rack insert
  • And if that’s not enough it comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and labour 



About Smartpackkit

The new and cost effective way to order custom joinery in flatpack for kitchens, wardrobes, laundries, home office, entertainment and storage solutions.
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One Response to New Side opening oven from IAG

  1. This is a good appliance for cooling. I have already purchased two. I will bookmark it keep posting.

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