Cosy Ideas for a Winter Kitchen

Shaker door kitchen

Shaker door kitchen

The majority of Australian houses are set up for the heat rather than the cold. They are usually open plan and have large combined kitchen, dining and living areas. A small heater is usually sufficient for the Australian winter, but it doesn’t really make for a cosy winter kitchen atmosphere.

When the seasons change and you crave a warm, friendly and inviting house, the kitchen is the first place to turn to. Casseroles, hearty soups, roasts and slow cooked meals not only warm your house physically with the use of ovens and stove tops, they warm you emotionally. The aromas of delicious comfort foods warm our soul and keep up going when the winter winds make us want to rug up and hibernate. The kitchen becomes the heart and soul of the family in winter.

The red gives a degree of warmth to a slick fingergroove kitchen

The red gives a degree of warmth to a slick fingergroove kitchen

But if you’re not too fond of cooking, or don’t have the pleasure of an open fire in your house, there are other ways you can make your kitchen cosy and inviting this winter.

Lets take a look at some of the ways you can do it:

  • Warm colours – Red, yellow, burgundy and gold will instantly make your kitchen feel inviting and more vibrant. It doesn’t have to be permanent redecoration – try some new tea towels, blinds or ornamental pots.
  • Lighting – get some bright bulbs and highlight key areas in your kitchen that you want to showcase. The right lighting plays a huge part in how your home looks and feels.
  • Drafts – if there’s cold air sneaking into your warm kitchen, it won’t help that welcoming atmosphere! Find the drafts and seal them up.
  • Flowers – stock up on some autumn and winter flowers. Flowers are often the first thing people notice when they walk into a room, and they’ll do wonders for the ambiance of your kitchen.
  • Go rustic – reinvent your kitchen with some rustic furniture and accessories. Try some wooden furniture and antique pots and pans. Even if you don’t use them, hang them up for decoration. The new look will instantly transform the feel of your kitchen.

If you’ve got the space, adding some comfy chairs and couches will extend the kitchen area into a place to sit, chat, have a cuppa and relax. And what could be more warm and inviting than that?


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